Friday, February 27, 2009

Another showing this Sunday!


We have another showing scheduled for this Sunday from 3-5pm (different people than the ones who have expressed interest; it doesn't hurt to have multiple irons in the fire!). Things definitely seem to be picking up in pace, we've had showing each of the last three weekends. Thanks for your continued prayers!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Prayers Answered!! Prayers Must Continue!!

We have some good news, but we're not through praying yet!

The couple made an offer on the foreclosure and the home had already sold to someone else! (Poor people had hundreds of people praying that way and they didn't even know it!)

Anyway, the woman lives in Wisconsin and the man lives somewhere else right now and they are both back at their respective places. Their realtor is trying to communicate with them, but he thought it could be as much as a week before he knew anything for sure. He seems to have a good report with our realtor so we're hoping that leans in our favor. Once the realtor is in contact with the couple, he will re-present our home as an option for making an offer. (We recognize that they may have decided they like another home better or that their circumstances may have changed so we know we need to really keep up our prayers!)

Please keep praying on this for us and we'll let you know if there are any new developments. Brendan is quite humored by my impatience and curiosity so he said he was almost glad that I'd have to keep squirming for another week. It's also possible that we'll get another showing or two over the weekend as all of our showings have been on weekends. Keep up the prayers and we'll keep you all posted!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Good Saint Joseph

Brendan and Clara attended a beautiful mass a couple of weeks ago for the installation of new lectors from the Saint Paul Seminary. Brendan's brother, Evan, was installed at this mass. After mass, Brendan and Clara knelt before a statue of Good Saint Joseph to ask for his prayers for our home. (And Aunt Kathy couldn't help but snap a photo!)

Please continue to pray today and throughout the next several days as we hope to approach a purchase agreement with a potential buyer. (See the post below.)

Monday, February 23, 2009

We could be getting close...

I would like to ask for your prayers over the next few days regarding our house....

We had a showing last Saturday. Before I left the house I walked into each room and asked a particular saint to pray for our family. (Poor Saint Monica got the bathrooms, but as I was trying to think of someone appropriate, I remembered myself potty training three children in those bathrooms and realized Saint Monica could probably relate. She, of course, had to train Saint Augustine!) As I left I sprinkled blessed salt on our front step and asked for blessings for those who would enter there that day.

As of last night we hadn't heard any feedback from the realtor so we weren't sure what the clients thought, but we remained hopeful. Today, our realtor called the showing realtor for feedback. The clients really like the home!! It is, however, their second choice after (da, da, da, DAH) a home in foreclosure. So, the clients are making an offer on the foreclosure tonight. Their realtor even admitted that there was a possibility that it wouldn't go through because there are often multiple bids and other factors that could prevent them from getting the foreclosed home. Another perk in our favor...they're out-of-town clients and would likely be able to move in very quickly.

So, as crazy (even mean?) as it might sound, would you pray that perhaps their offer wouldn't go through on the other home tonight? And that if it doesn't go through that they'll be compelled to make an offer on our home in the next couple of days? I've been challenged to be very specific in my prayers, so I've decided I will pray for that very thing. (And then I'll say ,"Thy will be done," of course. I really do want the Lord's will in this and in all things!)

In any case, we feel that even if this situation doesn't end in a sale, things are at least going in our favor. It seems the economy is getting worse, but the traffic of home buyers is picking up in part due to the stimulus plan.

We'll keep you posted when we know more! St Joseph, pray for us!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Our Precious Henry Blaise


Until now, we have been unable to find the courage to share a photograph of our precious son. In all honesty it has been very difficult for us to view the pictures taken on the day Henry was born because it has only served to increase our pain. Slowly, we have been able to look at the photographs with our hearts a little less heavy; able to admire his beauty rather than re-live in our minds the events as they unfolded that day.

Henry was an absolutely gorgeous baby, just like his big brothers and sisters. I think perhaps I have underestimated the desire of those who know us to also admire his features with a photograph. His plump cheeks, his button nose, his tiny fingers, and his delicate, kissable lips remind us how carefully God formed our child in his mother's womb.

We thank you for your prayers and we ask that your prayers for our family would continue. We pray, despite our deep sorrow, that Henry's life purpose will be fulfilled and we continue to surrender ourselves to God's Divine Providence.

It is an honor to share with you a photograph of our son and our brother, Henry Blaise.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Home sale update


Sorry for the lack of posts recently, there's lots I'd like to say about finalizing plans for the new home but sort of don't have the heart until our house sells. I guess there's two stages of our new house "seeming real"; the first will be selling our current house, and the second will be breaking ground. It's really hard to look forward to the future without having our house sold!

Anyway, we had a showing this past Friday (only our second requested showing) and the response to the question of "Are you interested?" on the official feedback form was, "Maybe." So please pray that they actually are interested and will make an offer! Even if they don't, pray that our showings pick up in pace as the Spring time nears. Your prayers are appreciated!