Monday, May 5, 2008

Papal mass pics from my sister...


Ugh, sorry for the long delay and infrequent posting, I've been extremely busy both at work and home.

As I noted before, my dad was invited to be a minister of communion at the papal mass in Washington, D.C. (what an honor!); he's a permanent deacon at St. Rita's Parish in Cottage Grove, MN. He told me the experience was wonderful. He was up in the first or second row of the upper deck during the mass and distributed Holy Communion there. The deacons actually processed in roughly an hour and a half before the Pope did as part of the mass.

Since my dad was invited, he also got a ticket for another person to attend and luckily my sister, Allison, works at Catholic University in Washington, D.C. (perfect!). So she got to go and had a really good seat in the lower deck with a good view. She took a few pictures, and had some captions that I have now misplaced (I'll try to remember a few of them, or do my own :-).

Allison got to the stadium really early!

Pope Benedict in the "popemobile."

The Pope processing in for the mass

Sea of priests!

The consecration

Placido Domingo singing Panis Angelicus

The Pope recessing from mass

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