Monday, June 16, 2008

It's Another Cute One!!

On May 21 I had a first trimester ultrasound to check the baby and determine an accurate due date. I was pleased to see Baby Koop dancing around and enjoying life so early. In this photo, Henry/Greta (or Henrietta, as Baby has been affectionately named by Uncle Evan) even looks like he/she has a little smile on his/her face!! At the time of the ultrasound, they estimated a December 10 due date, however, all four Koop babies have been 8-10 days overdue, so we'll still be planning on an arrival around December 17 (our original estimate). Your continued prayers for a healthy pregnancy are much appreciated. Thank you for all of the support in these early weeks...things seem to be turning around a bit and I hope to be feeling very well by July! :) God is good!


Evan Koop said...

In the case of Henrietta, it is Godfather Evan, thank you very much!

Allison Koop said...

December 17th? C'mon, December 16th! December 16th! Now that's a great day on which to be born!