Sunday, September 14, 2008

Worth a view...


This wonderfully produced clip is worth a few minutes of your time as we wind down the presidential campaign. It's a great reminder, even a wake-up call, that there are some issues that transcend all others.

I would only edit the last statement to say, "Inform your conscience with the truth, then vote your conscience." :-)


John Curran said...

Which candidate is that video suggesting Catholics vote for?

Brendan Koop said...

I think it's a well-crafted video, in that it highlights the most important societal issues that the Catholic Church cares about (as they relate to the teachings of Christ), AND highlights which issues take precedence (after all, all issues cannot be treated with equal weight). The video does so without advocating for a specific candidate, leaving it to the viewer to properly inform their conscience on the issues and then evaluate the candidates with how they conform to the truth on these issues. The video is also useful for framing the issues for people voting on many other lower-level contests where these issues still matter a great deal.