Wednesday, May 13, 2009

In Honor of Doctor Brendan Early Koop, PhD.

  • Number of years since study for PhD began: 5
  • Number of doctoral courses completed: 6
  • Final Grade Point Average: 3.89
  • Number of children born since PhD studies began: 3
  • Number of journal articles read: 500
  • Number of hours spent doing research: 500
  • Number of porous electrodes built: 100
  • Number of leads built in Puerto Rico: 35
  • Number of lab dogs sacrificed for the cause: 16
  • Number of pages in the dissertation entitled: "Creation and in vivo evaluation of a porous electrode for pacing in a coronary vein: an assessment of the potential for improved electrical performance and chronic stability of coronary venous pacing leads": 200
  • Number of professors on doctoral committee: 4
  • Number of hours spent writing thesis: 800
  • Number of purchased bottles of Men's Under Eye Cream to reduce puffiness: 1
  • Number of cans of Full Throttle consumed: 500
  • Number of cans of Coke consumed before and after Full Throttle was discovered: impossible to estimate
  • Number of Caribou Mochas, extra hot, with an extra shot of espresso consumed during Lent when Coke and Full Throttle were off limits: 100
  • Number of dollars spent on said energy drinks: I refuse to estimate!
  • Cavities filled: 1
  • Number of hairs lost: Zero!
  • Sleep Number: 35
  • Number of interns mentored: 1
  • Number of dollars spent in this process by Boston Scientific for tuition and research: over $100,000
  • Number of dollars yet to be earned by Boston Scientific because of the success of a potential new product: Millions!
Congratulations, honey! I am so proud of you! And I'm glad to have you back!


Rachel said...

Too cute! Glad you guys have made it through. I'm sure there were many times of physical and emotional strain. I pray God will richly bless you as you stood firm during this battle.

Molly- Just wanted to tell you that you've been heavy on my heart what with Mother's Day and with the approach of Henry's 6 Month Heaven Day. I hope you're doing okay, but know that if you're not, it's normal. I'm still trying to deal with the six-seven month phase and pretty soon, it'll be 8 months since Felicity died. If you ever need to talk 612-708-1504, call me! Blessings!

Allison Koop said...

16 dogs died??? Seriously??

Molly Koop said...

Better 16 dogs than 16 people. Or even one person. :)
They followed the dogs with the implanted leads for two months and then examined the tissue to see how it responded to the new technology. You can ask Brendan for more details if you want.

Therese Z said...

Congratulations to you all! Something always interesting at this blog when I drop by....

Laura The Crazy Mama said...

Congratulations! I just know his study will make a difference in the world...for the better! Good for you all!