Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Feast of Saint Clare


Today we celebrate the Feast of Saint Clare. Each year, we recognize the patron saints of our children on their particular Feast Days. Today, on the Feast of Saint Clare, our eldest daughter Clara chose the family dessert (Strawberry Shortcake!). We also took some time during family prayer to remember the virtuous Saint Clare of Assisi and ask for her prayers, particularly for Clara in this coming year.

I would encourage you to visit this site which tells a brief summary of the life of Saint Clare. After knowing this holy and selfless woman, it is easy to see why we would choose her as the patron saint of our daughter.

As a side note, in the last year Clara has had the opportunity to learn more about the Poor Clare sisters and has spent time collecting money for their local community by doing extra work around the home. The Poor Clare's have learned of Clara's diligence and have sent word (through a letter to Clara's teacher at our homeschool co-op) that they will pray for her to one day join them. Now wouldn't that be appropriate?

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