Thursday, February 18, 2010

A good way to start off Lent...


A blessed and prayerful Lent to everyone, sorry for the lack of updates on the house; I've been, shall we say, busy. I am in the middle of the first of two weeks of "vacation" from my day job in order to work on the house. So far, with the help of many family and friends, the whole interior of the house (ceilings and walls) was primed last Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. Tuesday was spent hauling the wood flooring from storage to the house so that it can acclimate for 72 hours before starting the install this Friday. Today was spent painting the ceiling and walls of the family room and library, and tomorrow will be doing the same in the rest of the first level. 

Suffice it to say, I am sore and tired, but it's a good kind of sore and tired :-)  As far as I can tell, everything that needs to get done is on track to get done within the two weeks that I have. The labor that I (with help) am providing in order to save on cost is:
  • Interior priming (ceilings and walls)
  • Interior painting (ceilings and walls)
  • Wood flooring installation (first level, stairs, and second level hallways)
  • Carpet installation in all second floor bedrooms
  • Pick-up, storage, and delivery of all kitchen cabinetry/appliances/counters 
  • Assembly of all bathroom vanities/cabinets
  • Interior enameling (all trim, interior doors, and exterior doors) 
  • Installation of all light fixtures 
  • Staining of fireplace cement board
  • All exterior painting (likely late April/early May, after we move in -- warmer weather is required)
The first five are what I hope to get done in these two weeks. Compared to my PhD, this is still a cakewalk (it's always good to have a "somehow I made it through that, so I guess this will work out okay" comparison situation to buoy one's spirits). I'll try to post some pictures of the priming/painting soon! Thanks to all of those who have helped thus far!

**A note from Molly:  Brendan has been working diligently these past several days and our entire family is grateful for the time he is putting in!  Especially considering the money this saves us!  In terms of Lenten sacrifice, apparently the Lord saw fit that a fall I took on a quick jaunt up the stairs would result in a spiral fracture to my dominant hand.  I suppose if it had to happen, it couldn't have happened under better circumstances--living with an orthopedic surgeon and all, not to mention a Nana willing to change diapers.  So, while Brendan is working on the new house night and day, the kids are learning all kinds of helpful tasks like stripping and remaking beds, rolling socks, and grilling cheese sandwiches.  Lenten blessings everyone!


Camila GSS said...

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I started wearing them when I was 7 and I know it can be hard on children, so I thought I'd empower them somehow.

I was wondering if it'd be okay for me to display your kids on the tumblr, as they're perfect examples of awesome kids rocking cool glasses!

Anyway, let me know if I can use their pics! You can reach me at

Congrats on being a proud parent of KWG!

Debbie (Nana) Koop said...
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Debbie (Nana) Koop said...

After I read the story of St. Rita to your kids at bedtime, Aidan asked me what suffering meant. I thought for a while and I told him that Daddy is suffering because of all the painting he's doing. His back and shoulders hurt really bad. He is suffering so that you can live in a nice house. Then, I read your post. Way to go Daddy. Love Nana