Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Happy Easter!


A blessed and happy Easter to everyone! He is Risen! 

Molly and I will be gone for the next three days on a trip to Georgia... Augusta, Georgia, that is. A few months ago Molly's mom called to inform me that I had won the 4 tickets to the first two rounds of the Masters in the school fundraising raffle for St. Hubert Catholic Church in Chanhassen, MN! I forgot I had even bought a ticket, and (as a very avid golfer) I am thrilled to have this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to go to the Masters with Molly and my parents.

In the middle of having a brand new house with a billion things that need to be done, it's not necessarily ideal, but somehow we'll manage :-)


Sarah said...

He is risen, indeed! Alleluia!!

Happy Easter, Brendan, Molly and family!

Have a fabulous time at the Masters! What a fun, fun trip! Enjoy! With all the work you've been doing on the house, this may be an ideal time after all ... You deserve a break! =)

Gibeau said...

Hello Koop Family:

We are the Gibeau Family from Northern Minnesota and are building our "family monastery" home, too.

As Catholic homeschoolers of 1 girl and 5 boys, we decided that part of our curriculum would be Homebuilding 101. So ten years ago, when the kids were little, we bought a two-bedroom cabin on a lake. It was tiny, so we had to put most of our furniture in storage. We moved in, planning to completely remodel the cabin (while we lived in it) into a 5 bedroom home/homeschool/monastery.

We spent 5 years saving money, designing and reading how-to books, and 5 years doing a 100% remodel.

In the fall of 2007, we were Googling about monasteries and came across your blog and it was great to know we weren't the only ones with a home/monastery vision. With the busy-ness of homeschooling and building, we never revisited your blog until tonight, when we wondered "what ever happened to the h.s. family that was planning to build a monastery home in Ham Lake?"

We found your blog again and are so excited to see the pictures of your new house. You did it! How beautiful it looks!

Congratulations on a job well done. Perhaps we will see you at the Minn. Homeschooling Conference in May.

The Gibeau's

Brendan Koop said...

Dear Gibeau's:

So cool! If there's one thing we love about having a blog, it's being able to meet people like you. We will definitely be at the home school conference in May, maybe we'll see you there!


Robert said...


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