Sunday, September 5, 2010

Interior photos


Well, we had an absolutely wonderful open house yesterday, praise God! It was glorious weather, and there were between 100-150 people who turned out, which wasn't bad considering it's Labor Day weekend. Thanks so much to all those who were able to stop by (and more than a few had a very long drive), and to all those who couldn't make it hopefully we can still have you over soon!

For anyone who couldn't make it, here are some long overdue interior photos. There are just a couple repeats in here from past posts, but the vast majority are new. Click any to enlarge, and enjoy!

I finally finished all of the shelving in the storage room. With no basement, this is the main storage space and has an extra fridge and a chest freezer.

A couple of great pics of the kitchen that I stole from my sister!

The dining room.

The guest bathroom off of the main entry foyer.

A morning picture looking toward the East door of the main entry foyer.

The school room, with a new rug.

The family room.

The library.

The stairway up to the second level.

Top of the stairs, looking toward the nursery and master bedroom.

The nursery.

The master bathroom, where I finally got the rope lighting installed in the bath/shower area (last pic).

The master bedroom.

The laundry room.

The hallway toward the boys' and girls' bedrooms.

The boys' bedroom and bathroom.

The girls' bedroom and bathroom.


John Curran said...

Almost like being there! Interesting to see what you've done with the house, nice bright spots of color and pattern.

Candie Rossler said...

I envy your home so much! It looks so clean and organized. Honestly, organizing my home is the last thing I wanna do. I just don't like it, and I'm not good at it, too! Get a glimpse of my home -- it is super messy! The great thing in my home though is its structure and the fixtures. It has a different sense of style, like that of my one-of-a-kind ornamental iron doors. I was the one who chose the design, and it worked. Maybe I'm just good in designing and not in organizing things.