Saturday, July 23, 2011

Pioneer School


In early June, Clara and Aidan had an opportunity to participate in a pioneer school experience at the West Riverside Museum School through the Isanti County Historical Society in Cambridge, Minnesota.  For one week, they toted their tin pails filled with old-fashioned lunches, delved into their textbooks from the early 1900's, and enjoyed schooling in a one-room school house.  There were about twenty-five students in grades one through eight taught by a volunteer schoolmarm.

The kids especially enjoyed spending their recess time playing "Red Rover" and "Annie, Annie Over".  The first day home, Aidan said, "There's this thing called 'recess'."  I had to laugh at the fact that my home-schooled son had never heard of recess even though he's sent outdoors every day!  At the end of the week, families were invited for a presentation of poetry and other selections followed by a picnic...cold fried chicken, biscuits, watermelon, and lemonade prepared by Mom.  

Outside the Historic Schoolhouse

 A schoolboy at his desk

The "Annie, Annie Over" Shed 

A cabin on the historical site.  The kids made pancakes here for breakfast one morning. 

A class photo

With the schoolmarm

 Enjoying the water pump

This is the kind of experience I would have loved as a child, so I admit to living vicariously through my children that week.  Rather than make the trek back and forth the other kids and I spent lots of time at parks, the local library, and yes, Caribou Coffee.  Eleanor looks forward to joining them at pioneer school next year!


Rachel said...

HOw fun! I wish I had know you were going to be in the area. You could have come over here to hang out or we could've met you in Cambridge. We're only 20 min. from there.

Molly said...

That would have been fun, Rachel. I've been thinking of you a lot lately, hoping you're doing well. I'm sure you're very busy with the boys this summer! We'll be honoring Henry in a special way today, watch for a blog post soon. I'll be in touch to see if there's a time we can meet up soon.

Michelle said...

Our homeschool curriculum this past year was based on the Little House books. We're preparing to close our studies by vacationing to Pepin, Walnut Grove, and DeSmet next month. Our pioneer dresses and knickers are first on the packing list! Looks like fun!

(I found your blog a while ago through mutual friends -- the Damms.)

Molly said...

Michelle, that sounds so fun! During our drives to and from pioneer school, we listened to "Farmer Boy" and we're continuing our way through the series this summer. The Damm's took a fun Little House trip last summer as well, I'm sure you saw the re-cap on her blog. It's definitely on our list of things to do! There are so many wonderful ways to explore history, delving right in and experiencing it is a wonderful way to learn! Have a fun trip!