Monday, August 3, 2015

Construction Update #2


Time for another construction update on the chapel, and I think you'll see that quick progress is being made!

July 21

Framing went up really quickly and we were able to actually see the structure and walk inside for the first time. 

The first thing you do when you walk in is look up! That's what we were hoping for in the design of a sacred space.

These side windows are 6 ft off the floor so that light enters in but you are not distracted by the outside when you are sitting. And it helps to draw the view upward. 

July 30

Siding is now finished (except for a few small trim pieces) and ready to be painted. You'll notice one window missing, a snafu with the window manufacturer. It should be here this week. 

August 1

A couple pictures after the spray foam insulation had been applied to the interior.

August 2

Time to paint! I am doing the exterior and interior painting, and yesterday was good weather for painting. Below I'm going for the 1920's historical picture look. Ollie isn't participating.

Done with the North and West sides.

 August 3

Drywall is being installed tomorrow, and so scaffolding was set up today. 

Pretty soon it will be finished from a construction perspective and then it will be the long slow task of finishing the interior!


Karla Baca said...

Any updates on the Chapel space? Excited to see the finished look!
God bless,
Karla Baca

Brendan Koop said...

Hopefully soon! It's been slow going. But there has definitely been some progress. I'll have to put some pics up.