Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Pictures of our land: Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer


So now we've gotten to the point of actually posting some pictures of our land, taken with our good old-fashioned 3.2 MP digital camera. We've actually seen all four seasons with the land, as the first time we set eyes on it I believe was early November 2006. It can be kind of hard to get oriented in terms of which way the picture is facing, so I've included a handy little legend picture (probably 90% of you just like looking at the pictures, fine... the engineer in me needs to provide some spatial perspective on a schematic drawing). The legend image, as with all the images below, can be clicked to be enlarged.


Fall 2006
We had my family out to see the land after we signed a purchase agreement, and so here's a few pictures from their visit. Here's the "sold" sign!

This is a picture of my youngest brother Evan and my sister Allison walking out towards the wetland area (I'm the oldest of four).

Here's looking back from the wetland area towards the buildable land, on the West side of the property, with my parents.

And here's a view across the wetland area to the East side of the property. A road is in the process of being constructed along the East border of our property, but there's enough trees and vegetation that it should be naturally blocked from view.

Winter 2006/2007
Here's great picture of my "older-younger" brother (our architect) with the eldest two of our kids as we visit the property for my brother to take pictures.

And here's me with the kids on that same trip.

Spring 2007
The Spring is interesting at the property, as all of the snow has packed down the tall grasses and reeds in the wetland area so that it's really easy to walk around. Again, the eldest two kids and I took a trip to see the property in the Spring and take some pictures (not to mention to have Aidan blow off some energy, of which he has in seemingly infinite abundance). Here are the little buddies!

Summer 2007
And finally, here are the most up-to-date pictures. I just took these in early July, and wow the wetland looks totally different in Summer! It is almost impassable; I was able to get out and walk a few yards in, but the grasses and reeds are almost up to my chest. It's beautiful though, I'm really looking forward to the views in the Summers. Here's what it looks like under the trees on the buildable area.

And here's a look at the two main site-lines out the wetland area. These site-lines will be utilized to give great views from various rooms of the home.

And here's one last look back at the buildable area from the wetland (at least as far as I was willing to walk in). As can be seen, a lot of trees are going to have to come down to make room for the home. However, we are working in plans try to save the biggest trees.

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