Thursday, July 26, 2007

A word on Brendan's second-newest hobby


I just had to say a few words regarding Brendan's last entry. This was originally just a comment under his post, but I figured it could stand alone and it might seem that I am contributing to this project here and there. So, Brendan decided to take up this new hobby just after Christmas of last year. As you have well discovered, Brendan never does anything without doing it all the way. (Well, perhaps not NEVER as a few of the "Honey Do" list items come to mind). So, at least anything he genuinely has interest in is always completed 100%. In fact, he never starts something unless he knows he can do it well. I must admit the first conversations with Brendan about his desire to dapple in the world of art began with his mentioning a hope to one day do artwork for our chapel. Murals. He specifically mentioned murals. And, being the supportive wife I am I stared right at him and kindly asked, "so, you're planning to start painting our walls?" This question sent the two of us into utter hysterics. Apparently, Brendan realized at this moment that he had again been "thinking big" and neglected to inform me of the baby steps he would take towards his end goal--all of which would save our current walls, anyway, from his artistic expression. (His artistic expression, not necessarily that of our children, but that's another story). So, his new hobby has been a royal success and an excuse for me to tell the kids that I can't draw a squirrel for them, but that perhaps Daddy can.

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John S. said...


I can exactly picture you saying "So, you're planning to start painting our walls?". I got a good laugh picturing that conversation.