Thursday, April 3, 2008

Home Renderings, Volume 4


Continuing in the series of renderings, this one is a little less dramatic, but still very useful. The point of this rendering was to show a different angle from the front of the house, and to show the sightline straight through the front door and out to the wetland as one approaches the house. This sightline not only adds drama but gives a visitor a sense of the "thinness" of the volumes of the home and the connection of the home to the surroundings. Click to enlarge.
My brother finally got Clara in there!

An immediate question I had was whether we would really have a front door with that much glass. Not that there aren't front doors with lots of glass, but in Minnesota you typically would see a heavily insulated front door with maybe a small pane of glass toward the top. My brother really insisted (because of the sightline) on the need for a door with a lot of glass, and it could be one with double or triple panes for insulation. This I will have to research. Molly also thought, is such a door less secure? For example, couldn't someone just break the glass to enter the home? But, given all the other glass we have, I guess if the front door is solid they could just move over to a window if that's really what they want to do. Another potential issue is privacy, with any visitor having the ability to look right into the home from the front door, but this is where the brilliance of my brother's design comes through. The main volume of the home has small dividing walls that separate the kitchen, dining, entry, and homeschool room areas, and so the front door really only offers a view into the entry area, which I think is appropriate. Other areas of the home are visually separated and contained.

Another thing my brother felt strongly about was that the entryway be white so as not to distract from the view through the home. I think it makes sense, and the shelves you see to the left of the entry are just simply bookshelves from IKEA or similar, aligned side-to-side. These could be used for displaying family pictures and other such things.

Anyway, that's the renderings we have to date, my brother is currently working on two more: the interior of the chapel (something we'll have lots of discussions with my brother about, no doubt) and the interior of the master bedroom. When we get them, we'll post them!


John Curran said...

I like it! Arriving at that front door would be an event! One would know that something special is going on there.

John Curran said...

I like it! Arriving at that front door would be an event! One would know that something special is going on there.

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