Friday, July 3, 2009

Another Son, Another Saint

We wanted to let you know that our baby is safely in the arms of Jesus along with his big brother, Henry Blaise.

The miscarriage began on Sunday at the end my silent retreat experience and still continues. Although I had spent much of the time praying for a miracle for this baby, we are at peace with the Lord's will for this short, but purposeful life.

Through prayer, we decided to name him Jude Thomas. St Jude is the patron of impossible causes and a dear "friend" of ours. Clara has especially loved the name Thomas for about three years now and we wanted to honor her connection with that name. We were also praying for twins and believe the Lord answered our prayers in His own way as "Thomas" means "The Twin".

We will bury Jude's remains at Epiphany Cemetary near Henry's grave. We will also include his name on their memorial for babies lost in miscarriage.

We thank you again for your prayers for our family. The chaos with our home continues and it's a bit of a relief to have something wonderful to look forward to as we continue grieving for our sons.

Isn't it beautiful to envision Henry Blaise and Jude Thomas together with all the saints at the throne of Our Lord?


Rachel said...

Praying for you all!

And indeed it is a beautiful vision!

Kristina said...

It sounds as though you are doing well physically?? I hope that is the case and your body continues to heal quickly. I know your hearts will all take longer! It is a deep consolation for me to know that half of my family is already home. They make such great prayer warriors for those still toiling away on earth.

Therese Z said...

Late entry, but my prayers are with you.

Too many people try and push away the memory of a miscarriage. It de-humanizes the baby. I honor you for loving him and naming him.

And I am touched to know that there are two boys named Henry and Jude meeting each other in Heaven as brothers.