Monday, October 19, 2009

10.19.09 Construction Update


Well, the concrete floor has been poured and now the radiant heat tubing that we installed is safely encased in a solid mass of concrete. Here's a short video update...

The project is mostly on pause right now while we wait for the structural insulated panels to be fabricated and delivered, which is actually great timing since it's going to be a wash out tomorrow and Wednesday for sure (and potentially it will rain the entire rest of this week). The great news is that the panels are actually going to be done and ready for delivery either toward the end of this week or early next week! Then framing will finally begin and the house will start taking shape.

In regard to another item, our well was also installed and completed last week. They ended up having to go 240 feet down (!) to get access to a big enough aquifer. This was bad news for us since you pay by the foot for the well digging, and we were budgeted for 100-120 feet. But, such is home building. Our dirt fill for the grading around the foundation came in way under budget, so in many ways it evens out in the end. One thing I'm particularly excited about is that we decided to invest a little extra money in the completely awesome Grudfos Constant Pressure Pump for the well.

This pump gives city water pressure even though you have a well, and constantly adjusts its pressure output to meet demand. It also has a two gallon holding tank that resides in the garage (or mechanical room) and holds pressurized water so that as soon as a faucet or shower turns on there is instant high pressure supply. Our builder has one installed in his well and he loves it, and also noted if we ever added a sprinkler system it is particularly handy.

As a mechanical engineer, the Grundfos pump upgrade was a no brainer :-)

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