Thursday, February 14, 2008

The 2008 Catholic Blog Awards are here!


Well, the time is here to nominate your favorite Catholic blogs for the 2008 running of the Catholic Blog Awards, and we're excited to be eligible for the first time in our young history. Ecclesia Domestica started in the Summer of 2007 and never got a chance to participate in the Catholic Blog Awards last year, but we've built up a wonderful audience of regular readers since then and hope to make a good showing so that others can learn about our blog and our home project. And plus, it's just plain fun to participate and vote for other peoples' blogs that I have come to admire.

So here's the deal: from February 15-29 you can nominate your favorite Catholic blogs in any number of categories at this website (you do have to create a user name and password, but it's easy). The categories change a little from year to year, but here were last year's categories (the one's with a "*" are categories I know for sure we don't fit in, but feel free to consider all the others :-) ):

Best Apologetic Blog*
Best Blog by Clergy/Religious/Seminarian*
Best Designed Catholic Blog
Best Group Blog
Best Individual Catholic Blog*
Best Insider News Catholic Blog*
Best New Catholic Blog
Best Overall Catholic Blog
Best Political/Social Commentary Catholic Blog*
Best Written Catholic Blog
Funniest Catholic Blog
Most Informative and Insightful Catholic Blog
Most Spiritual Catholic Blog
Smartest Catholic Blog

After February 29th, the nominating closes and the voting runs from March 3-17. Vote early and often!

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