Thursday, February 21, 2008

I've added a new design element to the blog...


Not that I'm trying to, oh I don't know, further enhance the blog design in order to be nominated for, and eventually win, "Best Designed Catholic Blog" in the 2008 Catholic Blog Awards... oops, did I just write that?... anyway, not that I'm trying to do that, but I've added some cool new functionality to the bottom of the sidebar at the right (down by Cardinal Newman :-). It's blog widgets from, a site where you can catalog your library of books and do all sorts of cool things with it. I've added books on home building, homeschooling, and art to our online library so that we could link to them through these cool blog widgets. I love the simple design with small pictures of the book covers. Take a scroll down to the bottom of the sidebar and check it out!

(And feel free to ask either of us about any of the books if you want more information. I hope to add more books and more categories in the future.)

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