Thursday, June 11, 2009

Another house selling update (Hint: more prayers needed!)


This has been an interesting week for us. Out of the blue we had 3 showings scheduled on Monday and another one scheduled on Tuesday, and this is after having only one showing last week and no showings the previous 3+ weeks. It's quite a statistical abberation, and there has to be some sort of cause behind it. First and foremost, everyone's prayers are so very appreciated, and they are definitely working! Our realtor also believes that the rising interest rates are flushing people out of the weeds who were waiting to see if interest rates went lower.

The main update is that the people who came through on Tuesday gave us the best feedback we've had in a while, and they are interested in our home. There is an automated feedback form that gets sent to the realtor of any people who come through our house, and their response was the following:

1. Is the customer interested in the property? Maybe

2. How well did the property show? Excellent

3. Please rate this property. 4 (out of 5)

Comments/Recommendations: Beautiful landscaping!!!

Our realtor was able to exchange voicemails with their realtor and she communicated that our home is in their top 3 choices right now, and that she was confident one of the other three was probably not going to be the one because it is in a much further location from where they want to be. So we may be in their top 2. Unfortunately, the uncle of one of the clients passed away yesterday and so they will be dealing with that for the rest of the week. We won't hear back from them until at least the weekend and maybe not until early next week.

Please pray hard that they communicate further with us and put in an offer!

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Brendan Koop said...

Wow, we got another showing today at 3pm. As long as they keep coming we can keep our hopes up!