Saturday, June 27, 2009

Craigslist is silly


Just to try and keep it light around here (thanks again for all your prayers and support), I thought I'd report that in preparation for moving we decided to list a number of things on Craigslist. These are items that we either want to get rid of because they won't fit the style of our new house, or they are simply items that we have no interest in moving or storing. In total, we listed:
  • Sofa
  • Loveseat
  • Large "L"-shaped computer desk
  • Artwork hanging in our office
  • Dresser
  • Large speakers
  • Stereo receiver
  • TV/media cabinets (2)
  • 200 disc CD player
Thinking these would take some time to sell, I listed them all on Craigslist a week ago Friday, in the evening (like 11pm). I had people e-mailing me at 3am in the morning after I had listed the items. By Sunday evening, everything was gone (except the 200 disc CD player). Just like that... cleared out. My only thought was, "What's wrong with you people?" When you have someone calling desperately on Saturday morning to let you know they want the art prints you had hanging in your office, it boggles the mind. I met a guy through Craiglist once (we bought an oven from him) and he said that one time he posted something for sale and within 5 minutes a guy called saying he wanted the item, and within 20 minutes it was gone. Craigslist is silly.

Don't get me wrong, it's fantastic to have gotten rid of so much stuff. And we made around $400, which isn't too shabby since most of the stuff was pretty old (except the office desk; that was a very nice IKEA desk which we just don't have a place for in our new house design). But I had planned to at least have some seating in our upper level for the next 2-3 weeks. Not anymore.

Right now our close date on the home sale looks like it will be July 24. We have a stretch goal to start construction on or around September 1.


John Curran said...

People will buy the most amazing things, things that sometimes belong on the curb...

Have you posted the 'final' version of the house plans?

It is so exciting and interesting to be 'in on' the construction of your new home, right from the original concepts through the various designs.

Brendan Koop said...

Great question on the final version of the drawings. There has been so much that has happened with the drawings, lots of little decisions and problems that needed to be solved. All fodder for many upcoming posts, no doubt. I hadn't the will to keep posting on our home plans while our house was still unsold, but now that we have a buyer I think it's time to go through the house plans again. My brother is working furiously right now on the final prints so that we can get the construction loan finalized ASAP and lock in the final cost numbers. The construction loan is the long pole right now in getting to a ground-breaking date; in the current environment it takes as long as 30-60 days to finish setting up.

Allison Koop said...

I admit to occasionally being a craigslist stalker, but only when looking for apartments. I got my apartment in DC 10 minutes after it had been posted! And now I'm going through the whole thing again, except this time no one's renting and the same apartments have been listed for weeks. Bully for me I guess!