Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Online magazine article about our home!


I was recently interviewed by Claire Trageser of SprayFoam Magazine, who contacted me after seeing our blog, for an online magazine article. Working with Claire was a pleasure, and she did an incredible job on the finished article. Please take a read and enjoy!

Hot Roof in the Icy Cold: A Residential SPF Project During a Minnesota Winter


Sarah said...

Very cool! I have forwarded this to Greg. I know he will appreciate it =)

Evan said...

As appalled as I am that there is such a thing as "Spray Foam Magazine" (I'm guessing their circulation isn't very large, though I did notice the ad for the "Spray Foam 2010" Conference in Orlando, FL. Do you think the attendees will just sit around and watch the foam expand over and over again? I could definitely see myself doing that and enjoying it. But I digress...), I am very proud that you were able to communicate your Catholic faith to the writer, and that it had such a prominent place in the article. I only wish there were reader comments at the end. I was hoping to see something on the order of: "'However many kids we end up having'?! Don't these people know how these things work? The exact number and spacing of children should have been figured out long before the marriage, and put into writing in the pre-nup." But alas, no dice. I'll just have to pray that some soul read the article and was impressed with your faith. Hey, the New Evangelization has to start somewhere...why not Spray Foam Magazine? "Go out to all the world," indeed.

Brendan Koop said...

If you are a Spray Foam enthusiast, SprayFoam Magazine is the "First Things" of your world. I can only imagine the comfort that is brought by seeing the Dow chemical ad at the top that says, "FROTH-PAK home insulation exposed..." That would be a big warm fuzzy (or warm foamy, I guess).

In today's world, it's more appropriate than ever that the New Evangelization begin in SprayFoam Magazine.