Sunday, March 14, 2010

Summary of recent events at the house...


Ugh, it seems like every post I do I have to apologize for the lack of posting, and I'm feeling especially bad about the lack of pictures. I'm still doing things at the house on some weekday evenings (thanks to my heroic wife and my heroic babysitting Mom!) and most weekend days, and the busyness prevents me from being able to post. But even then it seems like I forget to bring the camera every time, and then, like today, even when I bring the camera I go to take a picture and the battery is dead! Anyway, I digress. In case you are wondering, here's a synopsis of the current state of things at the house:
  • I've finished all the remaining interior painting except for a few touch up areas and the fireplace wall
  • The IKEA kitchen is 90% installed
  • Probably 80% of all the light fixtures are installed (the rest will probably be done tomorrow or Tuesday)
  • I assembled the first floor bathroom vanity and sink, and the girls' vanities and sinks
  • All the interior doors have been installed
  • Roughly 90% of the trim (baseboards, door trim, window trim, etc.) is installed -- I'll do the finish enamel painting after we move in
  • Molly installed the girls' room and master bedroom carpet tiles, and with some helpers installed the boys' room carpet tiles -- only part of the nursery and the master wardrobe are left
  • All the floor tile in the laundry room, girls' bathroom, boys' bathroom, and master bathroom has been installed, including a tile shower in the master bathroom that we're very excited about! -- only the tile backsplashes left in the girls' bathroom and kitchen
  • All exterior siding has been installed -- I will do the exterior painting after we move in
  • The cement board finishing of the fireplace is done on the library side, with the rest to be done tomorrow (and looks fantastic!)
I'm going out to the house again tomorrow night (I'm working on finishing the wood floor on the stairs) and I will be bringing the camera and the battery is charging right now. So, pictures will be posted post haste!

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