Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Our house has passed final inspection!


We've hit a major milestone: our house has passed final inspection as of this afternoon! What this means is that the official certificate of occupancy can be issued by the city of Ham Lake (tomorrow) and we are cleared to move in on our scheduled date of this Saturday. It doesn't mean that everything is done at the house; far from it. I still have to paint all the interior trim, and there are some floor transitions that I need to install, the exterior painting and brick need to be done, and there's some plumbing and electrical finish work that needs to happen. All of those things need to be done by our next major milestone, May 6th, when we need to have our final inspection by the bank so that we can close on the house. But it sure feels good to know that we are cleared to move in and it will be a lot easier to work on the final items that I'm responsible for once we are living in the home.

Kudos to our project manager, Andy, from Chuba Company for doing a great job coming through on this milestone. Our weekends are booked out into May, and so being able to move this Saturday was critical.

I'm going to go out to the house on Friday during lunch and take some pictures with a nice camera just to get some "clean" shots before we mess up the house again with all of our stuff! Final cleaning is tomorrow and Friday and it will be great to see clean floors, windows, surfaces, etc.

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John Curran said...

Fantastic! Congratulations! And thank you for sharing the project with those of us who were in on it from theoriginal concept and first plans!

You're lucky you're not in NJ; they often require every last piece of molding to be finished before issuing the CO.

Will look forward to more photos. Will also be staying tuned for future chapel plans.