Sunday, January 18, 2009

Anybody want to buy a house?


Our home is officially on the market. If anyone knows a great family out there that is interested in moving to the northern suburbs of the Twin Cities, and would like an impeccably maintained home, please send them our way!

Here's the official listing site on Re/Max.

And here's a listing on with more pictures and information.

Finally, here's a flyer I designed for people to take during showings and open houses. What do you think? (click to enlarge)

Anyway, please keep us in your prayers that our home sells quickly!


Caroline said...

Dude! Great job, anyone would thing that you were creative or something....We're praying for you and great to hang with you and Molly this weekend.

Brendan Koop said...

Thanks Caroline, likewise!

Anonymous said...

Molly and Brendan,
Please know of our continued prayers for you and your family. If you're looking for an excellent opportunity for charity, we would love to purchase your house (of course we could not offer anything in the realm of what it is worth!). Everything looks beautiful. We will certainly pray for success in selling your home. I am excited for you to finally be in your new abode. It has been fun watching it develop through all of its various stages.
God Bless,
Erin Snyder (Connoy)

Brendan Koop said...

Thanks for the prayers, Erin! And we'll keep you in mind as potential buyers ;-)

Laura The Crazy Mama said...

I'd love to buy it...if I had any money! The brochure looks beautiful!