Thursday, January 8, 2009

A concert I am definitely looking forward to...


For all those English nuts out there (including my wife) I am aware that one is not supposed to end a sentence or title with a preposition, but I did it anyway. I tried "A concert to which I am definitely looking forward..." but it just sounds out of place (and like I'm trying too hard). So there you have it.

Anyway, I am very excited because today I purchased tickets for us to see one of my favorite choral groups in concert, the all-male chorus, Chanticleer. The next time they are in the Twin Cities is for a one-night-only performance on April 23rd at the Ordway Center for the Performing Arts in St. Paul. They are an amazing group, and I've appreciated their music for many years, though I just recently bought three of their albums on iTunes.

Anyway, Chanticleer always reminds me of the importance of beauty in our human existence. Multiple times I have heard a piece from Chanticleer on our local classical music radio station and at the end was only left with, "Wow." When one encounters something that is truly, objectively beautiful, we can experience a taste of the source from which all beauty comes: God. Whether we realize it or not, this is why true beauty can evoke universal reactions of awe in human beings (and is why art is so important as a human pursuit). To inject your day with some beauty, here's Chanticleer singing a very, well... beautiful arrangement of the Ave Maria.

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Debbie (Nana) Koop said...

Papa has at least 10 of their albums so if you want to burn any of them you are welcome. I glad you are going to the concert. Do you think it would be fun for us to join you?