Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A novena to St. Joseph...


We are officially putting our house on the market on January 16th, and given the state of things out there we definitely need all the prayers we can get that our house sells quickly. Since it is nine days before the 16th of January, today Molly and I are starting a novena to St. Joseph to ask his prayers for us in a special way. St. Joseph has been designated by the Church as the patron saint of the family, and among other things also the home. We ask his intercession to pray for our home to sell quickly, and if you are so disposed it would be great to have others join us in this novena. For those who haven't heard of a novena, it's a prayer done on nine consecutive days to emulate the nine days that the Virgin Mary and the Apostles prayed in the upper room in the Book of Acts, concluding on Pentecost. Here is a link to a novena to St. Joseph.

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Debbie (Nana) Koop said...

Since we forgot to draw our yearly saints this Christmas, Allison and I decided to draw ours today. I will have you all draw when I see you next. She got Mary, Queen of Peace, the title of our Lady when she visited Medjugorje and I drew St. Joseph. I haven't been reading your blog in a while and will be beginning my novena today. I will certainly need his intercession this year if your house sells quickly, but I am confident of his prayers for your house to sell and for all of us when you move your entire family to our house while your house is being built. Love, Nana