Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A gift for our new home...


Mourning the loss of our Henry is still very difficult (and will always be), though we recently received a wonderful gift that will help us always keep him in our thoughts in our new home. We received the gift from my brother, Evan, and my cousin, Katherine, both the Godparents of Henry. For Christmas they purchased a beautiful framed print of this painting by William Bouguereau, one of my favorite classical realist painters (and objectively one of the best painters of all time). It's a reminder that Henry is in the arms of Mary in heaven, serenaded by the angels.

Song of the Angels
William Bouguereau
Oil on canvas, 1881
84 x 60"

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Anonymous said...

It truly is the perfect gift for Henry's family. What a beautiful way to carry him with you every time you look at the painting. May time heal the raw places and may the future dreams of holding Henry in the next life bring you peace!