Monday, November 9, 2009

11.7.09 Construction update video


This mostly just gets the kids' thoughts on things :-)

By the way, after watching this I figured out what Max was screaming about at the end... Aidan had dared to pick up his coveted stick. Don't mess with Max.


Allison Koop said...

I don't know what Maximilian is wearing, but I LOVE it. Hilarious video.

Molly Koop said...

He got a new choo-choo train hat at Sports Authority (thanks to Kat's discount). The overalls are from your grandpa, of course. He had a down vest on, too, but he got too hot. He refuses to go out without his hat, though!

Rachel said...

I know all about the coveted stick! Elijah threw a huge fit the other night after we left his 'walking stick' (aka dried weed) at a restaurant in Taylors Falls and wouldn't go back for it. We're so mean!