Friday, November 6, 2009

A sweet visit!


Moly and I stopped by the home site today, and once you look at the pictures I'm sure you'll see why I walked around with a big smile on my face the whole time I was there :-) It's beyond cool to actually walk through physical spaces in the house that have been three years in the planning.

(You can click any of these pictures to enlarge them)

Front view.

Two words: Holy tallness! Looking at renderings for months and months definitely fooled me as to how tall the house will be. There was also an adjustment to the height of the second floor vaulted ceilings before we ordered the SIP's in order to ensure we had at least 8' walls on the sides, and also an adjustment to the between-floor truss height, so those adjustments also increased the overall height of the house.

Front facade (front entry door is the opening in the middle).

Looking straight through the front entry doorway, through the house and out to the wetland (remember this rendering below?)

Looking toward the kitchen.

The view looking out the kitchen windows. Makes doing dishes at the sink a little easier :-)

The storage room by the garage.

Looking through the school room towards the family room.

Ahh... the first sneak peek of the wall of windows, looking through the East window in the school room.

A picture taken after several moments of just staring.

Standing in the library looking toward the kitchen across the way.

It would be kind of a cool large-scale sculpture if we just left it this way :-)

Standing outside the kitchen looking back at the wall of windows. A comparison side elevation drawing is below.

A picture from behind the home.

Praise God!


Molly Koop said...

My favorite part about visiting the site today was discovering I'll really be able to see into the library and family room from the kitchen. You can't hide from Mama in this house! :)

Jenny Clarke said...

Yeah Molly, now all you need is an intercom system or a megaphone so you won't have to yell run when you spy them being naughty. :)

Jenny Clarke said...

I meant yell or run. (typo)

Sarah said...

So exciting!! Some of those pictures look kind of like medieval ruins.

John Curran said...

Congratulations! It is becoming real. This is so exciting for those of us who have followed along from the original plans...

Molly Koop said...

Jenny-Brendan and I found an old-fashioned school bell for the school room. I can ring it to beckon the family! I'm really excited for this little feature. I'm also imagining the kids will use it every once in a while which will probably drive me crazy!

Sarah said...

I am so excited for you, Brendan and Molly! Yeah!!

Gabrielle said...

This is beyond wonderful seeing what looks like a cathedral rising to the sky...this will be sacred space indeed! I love all the glorious window walls to admit the forest into this beautiful home...I can't contain my joy for you...God has surely blessed your family with a special dwelling to reflect His love Gabrielle

Brendan Koop said...

Thank you all for your kind comments, all of you are such great examples of Christian generosity!

It's kind of uncomfortable keeping this blog and trying to make sure that people can keep involved and see progress without trying to make it seem like we want the attention or that we're searching for vain glory. Something we have to die to I guess! But your generosity in your comments always makes me feel a little better. Such wonderful Christian brothers and sisters we have the privilege to know!