Monday, November 2, 2009

SIP's have arrived!


The structural insulated panels are onsite and ready to be assembled (finally). If you've been wondering, there was a few more days of delay last week when the assembly crew was coming off of another job and needing to get their heavy equipment in place at our site. At any rate, here's a few pics from this morning:

The SIP's have been off-loaded from the delivery trucks and lifted into stacks near where they will be assembled.

Behind a few stacks of SIP's you can also see some of the engineered floor trusses have been delivered.

Here's a close-up of a SIP, where you can see the solid foam insulation sandwiched between two sheets of oriented strand board adhesively bonded to the insulation (no studs).

Here's a good picture of a SIP that has two electrical chases in the solid foam for running electrical wire. Also, the connection beam on the left side is a unique, patented feature of Enercept SIP's. Essentially, these SIP's have an additional load-bearing beam at each connection point (the continuous insulation is still maintained in the beam), which makes the entire structure ridiculously strong. As Enercept notes:
The Enercept system is the only SIP (structural insulated panel) and insulated connecting post. EPS insulation is laminated between 2x4 members and then nailed into the edge of each panel. The result is superior strength from the structural lumber without losing thermal performance.

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