Sunday, November 29, 2009

Architect sighting!


Molly and I and kids were able to make a trip out to the house on Friday with my brother (also our architect) and his wife, who are in town for Thanksgiving, and also my sister and parents. It was great for my brother to see the physical manifestation of his design!

(Click any of the pictures to enlarge.)

The house was being wrapped in Tyvek when we visited, and since the windows and doors are not on site yet, all of the window openings were being covered as well to keep out the weather. The underlayment for the shingles was also being laid, and the shingles should go on the roof early this week.

It was awesome to see the garage roof trusses up and the full shape of the garage peaks. From an outside form perspective, the house is pretty much its full form now!

Close-up of the garage peaks.

Interior view of the garage roof trusses. Looks like we'll definitely have some room for some storage of boxes and other things up there.

View behind the garage, with the kitchen off to the left.

Rear view of the house.

Molly and my sister, Allison, in the doorway from the kitchen to the mud room.

The mechanical room is almost full framed in now.

My brother and his wife, with Clara, in the future family room.

Upstairs, looking towards the North wing.

The kids, near where the future rooms will be. My Dad is taking pictures looking out the window.

My brother, pontificating on the finer points of his design :-)

Standing in the future nursery in the South wing.

The master bedroom.

My brother and me and Molly. Molly's not really that short, she just looks even shorter since she was standing in a depression in the mud :-)

Another pic of the three of us. We were going to do one of those pretentious pictures where none of us smiles and we try to look serious, but in the end we decided to smile.


John Curran said...

Awesome to watch the home take form! The design has come to life. It 'works' even better than I imagined from the plans. Thanks for sharing this with us; I've never been in on the 'ground floor' of such a project.

Brendan Koop said...

Thanks John, we're honored to have people such as you following our project!

Sarah said...

It's looking really good, Brendan and Molly! I bet it was so cool for your brother to see his design in the making =) Hope you all had a blessed Thanksgiving ... Thinking of you, especially this week.

Laura The Crazy Mama said...

It's so wonderful to see your dream taking shape! I'm so happy for you!