Friday, November 20, 2009

A first trip upstairs...


Another trip to the house today, with the biggest highlight being a workable staircase that I could use to go upstairs for the very first time!

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The home shape is really visible now with the addition of all of the roof trusses.

After the bidding process we changed the roof SIP's to roof trusses with spray foam insulation, which saved quite a bit of cost.

Framing of the garage has begun.

Inside the garage.

A look into the mechanical room, where the electrical box has been installed.

The staircase.

The bottom landing of the staircase. The original plan was to have two stairs from the landing to the floor, but this would have made the stairs too small and thrown the rest of the stairs off. The best solution was to have a single stair, which I still made sure to have continue along the wall a bit for a more interesting look.

The view up the stairs. There are only temporarly 2x4's on the stair treads currently, which makes them quite dangerous to walk on unless you are being very careful. There's lots of space to step through between stair treads.

Awesome! A first view of the North side, where the boys' room and girls' room are. It's a pretty cool look right now with the trusses filtering the light, but there's going to have to be a roof eventually. Too bad we couldn't do what these architects did with a roof :-).

A look down the future hallway towards the door of the girls' room.

The view from a window in the boys' room.

The view from the girls' room.

Looking from the girls' room back toward Mom and Dad's room.

The single step up towards the South side of the home, which has the master bedroom and nursery.

Looking toward the master bedroom.

The view from the windows that will be above the bed in the master bedroom.

Looking out a South window in the master bedroom.

Looking back toward the kids' rooms. I can already hear us yelling, "We can see your light on!"

Looking down the stairs, deceptively safe looking :-)

Behind the home (I had to try to shade the camera from the bright sun).

The door into the kitchen, with a window in the girls' room up above.

This is exactly the sign you want to see on your home building site! Chuba is doing a great job for us.

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John Curran said...

The views from the boys' and the girls' rooms windows literally look like paintings! Those birch trees are gorgeous, as they will be in all seasons.